Available Internships

Project Title and Summary (click link for full description) Location

Explore the connection between the condition of the habitat and condition of the fish assemblage on Biscayne’s reefs. Conduct underwater surveys to collect data and analyze relationships between coral reef health (e.g. diversity, presence of disease) and reef fish assemblage condition (e.g. diversity, size structure, abundance).

Biscayne National Park Homestead, FL

Develop a common sense scientific approach and specific metrics and methods for measuring and monitoring physical and biological aspects of in-water coastal adaptation projects in the Boston Harbor area. The project involves collaborating with university researchers, park managers, and environmental advocates who are engaged in coastal adaptation planning for the Boston Harbor & Islands.

Boston Harbor Islands National Recreation Area Boston, MA

Develop a vulnerability matrix to assess the impacts of climate-change on cultural resources in the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal National Historical Park. Work with park staff and management to develop comprehensive planning strategies to address flood, erosion, and other potential hazards and risks posed to the myriad historic and prehistoric sites in the park.

Chesapeake and Ohio Canal National Historical Park Hagerstown, Maryland

The Intern will complete an Archeological Strategic Management Plan for all archeological sites on Jamestown Island. The Intern will also develop communication talking points for staff to use on the park website, in briefings, visitor talks, and public speaking engagements on how the park is addressing climate change impacts on archeological sites on Jamestown Island.

Colonial National Historical Park Jamestown, Virginia

Create a report analyzing the effect of changing water levels on erosion severity along park shorelines using collected data. The report will be developed in collaboration with various members of the National Park Service community and their resources to gain a better understanding of the current situation and to assist in future planning.

George Washington Birthplace National Monument Colonial Beach, VA

Develop and implement photogrammetry methods for topographic change detection at archeological sites in Glen Canyon National Recreation Area (Glen Canyon). Data gathered from this work will be used to inform park management about the severity of erosional damage and threats to key archeological resources and to help acquire and prioritize funding for archeological preservation.

Glen Canyon National Recreation Area Page, AZ

The intern will implement a satellite data landscape monitoring program at Navajo National Monument for tracking climate induced landscape changes that are threatening archeological sites and natural resources in the monument’s remote canyons. The intern will be working with tools, methods and models created by a NASA-DEVELOP team in early 2018.

Navajo National Monument Shonto, AZ

Analyze National Park Service cultural landscapes for vulnerability to climate change impacts, including, flooding, erosion, and storm surge. This internship offers opportunities to develop and apply analytical and creative thinking skills in exploration of new approaches to a challenging real-world problem.

Olmsted Center for Landscape Preservation National Park Service Northeast Regional Office Boston, MA

Develop a suite of ocean acidification (OA) outreach and education materials, including an interpretive script, briefing summaries that define OA, the impacts of OA, and on the OA science is happening in our national parks. Help us effectively communicate changes that our oceans face with the impacts of OA to the public and park management, with the end product being a web-based OA Action Toolkit.

Olympic National Park Port Angeles, WA

The project will help develop a network of microclimate stations collecting modern data and combine this with historic data to better understand the potential effects of changing environments of the record of cultural resources stretching back thousands of years. The project will involve working with cultural and natural resource staff of the NPS, college academics, and other professional researchers to develop a professional products and long-term monitoring strategy.

Petrified Forest National Park Petrified Forest, AZ

Analze data from citizen science projects on the relationship between growth and age structure of the saguaro cactus and its associated Sonoran Desert plant community, and co-write a scientific paper. Work with student interns and volunteers to fill in a major knowledge gap with saguaros and associated plants across the wide range of saguaro habitat in Saguaro National Park, suggest improvements to long- term citizen science projects at the park, and assist interpretive staff and social media interns in communicating recent scientific findings to the public.

Saguaro National Park Tucson, AZ

Engage with urban communities in Los Angeles on how climate change relates to pressing community issues, like access to healthcare, sustainability, clean water, safe public spaces, and public transportation. Develop and facilitate programming that is replicable and relevant to community needs.

Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area Los Angeles, CA


Determine the fate of the mangrove world in South Florida and the U.S. Virgin Islands National Parks by helping to clarify the trajectory of the soil elevation of mangrove communities after impacts from Hurricane Irma and Maria. As goes the trend in soil elevation, so goes mangrove recruitment which will dictate mangroves community recovery. Sample soil elevation, develop R code to perform analysis of soil elevation, and communicated these results graphically and in muliptle media platforms.

South Florida / Caribbean Inventory and Monitoring Network Palmetto Bay, Florida